2015 Annual Pins available at World Show!

Support the 2015 CFA Annual to be held in Toronto, Canada, by purchasing this attractive pin! For $100, you get the following benefits:

  • Sponsorship lapel pin
  • Special mention and celebration of the Sponsors in the Delegate Book (We will contact everyone closer to the time to determine if they wish their own name/cattery name/special cat to be used.)
  • Name display on Banners to be used throughout the CFA designated space
  • Special table keepsake table signs at the Awards Banquet
  • Invitation to an extra private hospitality event!

Plus, you will be supporting what promises to be a fantastic annual! Region 4 will have a special booth at the World Show and you can purchase your pin from Rosina McGlynn.

Email Rosina to reserve your pin!

Entries are OPEN!

Entries for the 2014 World Show are open! You can check out the status of the entries in the entry list.

Please remember that this list is a database of entries as they have been received by the email server. This list is NOT yet in the show database. The entry clerk has not yet processed the entries. We will post when that happens, and you will get a confirmation when Monte has processed your entry. When looking at the list, if you have a number below 500, your entry will almost certainly be in the show. If you have a number above 500, don’t panic! There are probably duplicates in the list. Wait until Monte processes the entries before any panic, and even then don’t worry, people will be shuffling in and out of the shows and Monte will have a waiting list for substitutions.

Remember that entries close November 5th at noon EST in:

Here is an important note from Monte about payments:

For payments, please note that there are hefty penalties for not paying in advance of the show – a $50.00 pay at the door surcharge, and a $ 75.00 pay after check-in closes charge. Also, when paying you have two options – you can mail a check/moneyorder, etc. to me OR pay online via paypal (you do not need a paypal account to use paypal, only a major credit card). BE SURE to make your online payment to payonline@cfa.org DO NOT SEND IT TO ME. I can’t retrieve it, and it won’t be credited to your payment if you send it to me and you will still be subject to those surcharges if you don’t want to send another payment to the right address. I don’t know how long it takes paypal to reverse a payment – so just don’t send it to me!! ALSO, when paying by whatever method, I do need to know for which show you are paying (red, purple or both). That saves me a lot of hunting time to find where the entry is. They are in the system by the owners name – so if you use any payment method that doesn’t have the name of the owner on the credit card/check, please let me know for whom the payment is (not the name of the cat – it would take me close to a day to find you if I had to look through a catalog to find the right owner for the cat by looking through every page of entries). FINALLY, unlike last year, when I got checks, I waited until I ran into Carla to give them to her for deposit. This year, Barbara has opened the CFA checking account for this show at a bank that has a branch within 2/3 of a mile from my house. They are sending me deposit slips, so your check won’t be waiting till I run into Barbara, it will be deposited within a couple of days of receipt.

Floor Plan

Check out the Floor Plan ! [PDF]


COLOR2004-0918Again this year you will have the opportunity to have your cat’s photo taken by some of the top cat photographers in the world! This year’s photographer lineup is:

Larry Johnson, www.johnsonanimalphoto.com

Chanan, www.chanan.com

Tetsu, www.animal-photography.com/photographers/tetsu_yamazaki


cat_scooterThe layout for the World Show is still a work in progress and we hope to have a layout to post soon. In the mean time, those of you who were at the National Capital show – imagine that show hall, and then double it. We’re all going to need comfortable shoes!

The good news is we will have scooters available for rent. Our electric scooter and electric wheelchair provider is Mr. Wheelchair. The cost is $100.00 for a two day rental or $50.00 per day for either scooter or wheelchair.

Drop off is Friday afternoon and pickup is Sunday after show.

Individuals must order directly calling 215-333-7301 to make reservations; let them know your order is for CFA Show at Expo Center, what you want (electric scooter or electric wheelchair) and dates needed (11/22 – Saturday and 11/23 – Sunday).

You may be concerned about how your cat will react to being carried on a scooter and whether you can steer and carry at the same time. We suggest always carrying the cat in a carrier while on the scooter.

Sponsors – Just Two Weeks Left!

star1You can support this special event through several different types of sponsorships, including a special star with a photo of your favorite cat! See our sponsor page for all the details. But hurry, the deadline for rings and breeds is September 24th.

Need Help Entering?

monte_blue.jpgThe only way to enter the CFA World Show is online. For those who are online-challenged, our entry clerk Monte Phillips has written some helpful guidance here. If you know of anybody who needs a little extra help, please make sure they see these instructions.


Welcome to the CFA World Show blog! Today we’ve added a page with Benching tips. Be sure to check this out before you enter the show.

A few people have asked where to find the hotel information. Hotel info is on the blog in 3 places. First, it is on the show flyers. Second, it is on the Exhibitor page which you can get to by clicking on the word Exhibitor in the bar menu above. Third, hotel information has its own page which you can find in the Exhibitor menu above. All of the information on the show flyers is listed this way – on the show flyer, on the Exhibitor page and on a page under the Exhibitor menu.

We’ll be adding more information as it becomes available. Be sure to encourage everyone you know that is thinking of coming to the show to subscribe to the blog to get up-to-date info!