Additional Scooters Found

The show committee has found a vendor with a few more scooters. Please contact Advanced Medical Equipment, (215) 426-1731, and ask for Rick. Let him know they are for The Cat Fanciers Association Show at Greater Philly Expo Center, 100 Station Ave, Oaks Pa 19456. Drop off Date November 21st – Pick up November 23rd evening or Monday the 24th. Rate is $100.00 for the weekend. Credit card is required.

When all of these are reserved, it will be back to the yellow pages. Please let us know if Rick runs out of scooters.

Note from blog admin – Mary K. will be on vacation from October 21st to October 29th and you should send all queries to someone else on the contacts page during that time!

Scooter Update

As some of you have found out, our scooter vendor is out of reserved scooters. The show committee is trying to find another vendor and it will help to know how many people still want scooters. Please email if you have been unable to reserve a scooter and are still interested in doing so. No guarantees though.

Entry and Benching Deadline Reminder

exclamationPointCatRemember that entries close November 5th at noon EST in:

This is also the deadline for benching requests, including adding groom spaces. Please decide now whether you need a groom space, we may not be able to add these once the show is benched. Send all of your benching requests to the entry clerk before the deadline.

Check out the floor plan, we are benching by breed starting with the Abyssinians in the corner by ring 7. We anticipate the Persians will be somewhere between rings 3 and 16 and will take up several rows. Rings will alternate between red and purple; ring 1 is the red show, ring 2 is the purple show, ring 3 red, ring 4 purple, etc. all the way around the hall. If you are handicapped, we will do everything we can to assist you in getting a good benching spot, but please realize that in this hall we cannot put you close to all of the rings. Even an end-of-row will require a great deal of walking. We have a handicapped area set aside by ring 10 which will get you closer to more rings. You won’t be benched with your breed and you won’t be able to have any other benching requests, but your walk to most of the rings will be shorter. Please contact a member of the benching crew if you want to be in the handicap benching area.

Change of Judge

Yaeko2Aki Tamura has had to cancel the Purple Show. Yaeko Takano will replace her. We are sorry to lose Aki but delighted to welcome Yaeko. Yaeko is from Japan and judged the 2012 World Show.

Breed Summaries

breedsumaryKeep up-to-date on how the entries are coming in for this year’s show.

Red Show Breed Summary

Purple Show Breed Summary


cat-upThe benching crew has been getting numerous requests from people who want to be benched near a column because each column has power outlets. (I frequently wonder how we managed to survive before cell phones?) Unfortunately, there are not columns in every row. We will not be able to do this for most people. Please note that you can charge your cell phone on any column, it doesn’t have to be next to you. Also note that there are outlets along the walls where you can charge your scooters. The rings do not go all the way to the walls, there will be wide aisle space behind the pipe and drape for people to plug-in scooters overnight. We will do our best to accommodate requests to be near columns, but this will not always be possible.

The show managers are still working on finding an alternate scooter supply company.

More Various Information

We are checking with the Scooter vendor to verify that all scooters have been rented. If so, we will try to find an additional vendor and will post as soon as we do.

Yes, the electricity is turned on in the columns, and it is free. Checkout the layout and you will notice there are many columns.

If you are trying to get an idea of where your breed may end up in the benching, you should know that we are going to start with the Abys by ring 7 and snake down and up the rows until we get to the Tonks by ring 18. If the show does not fill, we will remove cages such that each row has 3 sections instead of 2 to make it easier to traverse the hall.

The benching crew is once again accepting Reeses Peanut Butter cups as bribes.

Various Information

Several people have asked about the following:

Storage – There will be ample space behind curtained areas to store carts, carriers and other stuff. The rings are not against the wall, so you can use the area behind rings, and there is a large empty curtained-off space in the hall with the education ring. We might be a little tight in this hall, so please do plan to store bulky things out of the way.

Electricity – there are outlets on every column. If you need to be near a column, email the benching crew and if we can put you near one we will. For those of you who want to plug in a cell phone to charge, you don’t need to be next to a column to use it. We’re checking to verify that the columns will be turned on during the show.

End-of-row/Handicap benching – you do NOT need a doctor’s note for end-of-row benching. We will take you at your word if you request medical or handicap benching.

Oops!!! Vet Inspection is Friday, November 21st!

The last post inaccurately said the vet inspection for USDA health certificates would be on Thursday. This is incorrect! The vet inspection will be available on Friday November 21st. People who need this vet inspection should plan to arrive in Oaks PA on November 20th to be at the hall in time for the inspection on Friday morning. Please contact Asst Show Manager Ed Raymond ( with any questions.

Need a health certificate?



Welcome to our exhibitors from regions 8 & 9 and the international division! We are pleased to be able to help you with your health certificate needs for travel with your cats. The show committee has made arrangements for a vet inspection in the show hall on Friday, November 21st, for your USDA health certificate. Please review our Health Certificate Info for Overseas Cats page.