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Updated Scoreboard

1-888There was a minor change to the scoreboard after a correction by Central Office. The corrected scoreboard is now on the 2015 Results page.

While feasting on turkey …


You might enjoy reviewing the official scoreboards! These are on the Results – 2015 page near the bottom. The scoreboards are the official results. Thank you to Central Office for getting the show scored so quickly. Questions about the scoreboards or any other results should go to Central Office. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Agility Results Now posted!

agility-logo-hi-resCongratulations to Maine Coon Nascat Checkers, owner/handler Donna Hinton, for winning the agility competition with a score of 406. 25 cats competed in agility. The agility competition included cash prizes for the top 5 cats, rosettes for top 10, and medals and a toy for 11-15. Cash prizes were donated by CFA’s agility sponsor Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter. Sarah Sieffert donated the prizes for 11-15. Thanks to ringmaster Niki Feniak for running the agility ring! And special thanks to Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter for being CFA’s agility sponsor.

Complete results are now posted on the 2015 Results page.

More results!



Congratulations to Mimi, Best Household Pet, owned by Sarah and Paul Sieffert, and thank you to SuzieKat for providing a great Sturdi carrier to Mimi.

The HHP breed booth won the breed booth competition! With 25 HHP entries, we are very pleased with the HHP participation in the show and hope to grow this class in the future. The HHPs are included in the red show catalog and results.

If you take a look at the updated 2015 results page, you’ll see pictures of the top cats and the breed booth results along with the title pages from the catalog. We are waiting on the agility results, and as soon as we get those will add them and post a notice.



Congratulations to Best In Show GC, RW Briar-Mar’s Good To Be Me, a male Manx Grand Champion bred by Omar Gonzalez, Gary Veach and Suki Lee and owned by Omar Gonzalez and Gary Veach, entry #769 in the purple show. Congratulations also to 1st runner up Dotdotdot’s Sam I am, a male chocolate spotted Ocicat kitten bred and owned by Roger and Nancy Brown (kitten 116 in the red show) and Astral Charm 5th Element, a female Calico-Bi-Color Persian kitten bred by Robert & Debbie Rosas (kitten 54 in the red show).

Thanks to our efficient scorers Perry Coleman and Kitty Barie, we have detailed results of the rest of the competition on the 2015 Results page. We will add more to the page over the next few days, so watch for the breed booth results as well as photos of the show.

It’s time!!!

twylaDrivingThe show committee is starting to travel to Oaks to prepare the show hall and will be in the show hall all day Thursday and Friday. No, we are not letting the cats drive. You may have some difficulty contacting various people. If you send emails, please be patient with us until we have time to answer. You can also text 443-722-8226. Text is best, I probably won’t answer calls so please use text! Everyone have a safe trip, and remember, Reeses Peanut Butter cups are acceptable bribe material.


Health Certificates

Some of our exhibitors from outside the United States require a health certificate endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to return to their home country. We previously announced that we would have a veterinarian available to perform a health check and provide the required health certificates. At this time there are no more openings for health exams and certificates. We have reached our maximum number of appointments.

Weather Cat Update


Weather Cat has updated his report and has developed a new scale to illustrate his predictions. Friday, high of 55, low of 34, and weatherCatSunny

Saturday, high 52, low 35, and weatherCatMostlySunny

Sunday, turning colder with a high of 42, low 27 (BRRR!) and weatherCatSunny

But fortunately, Weather Cat now predicts none of this – weatherCatRain


The show committee encourages everyone to check-in on Friday! Check In: Friday 2 pm – 8:00 pm Hall is closed and locked at 8:30 pm, and Saturday 6:30 – 7:30 am. Cats not benched by 8:00 am will be marked absent and late exhibitors must notify the clerk in each ring that they are present. Judging will start promptly at 8:30 am on Saturday & Sunday. No one may may setup their benching area prior to the go ahead by the benching team. If you are working on the show and must have cats in the show hall before check-in, please see a benching team member to find out where you can keep your cats.

Questions about the schedule

Since posting the schedule yesterday, multiple people have asked questions. It is really good to know that many of you are reviewing the schedule early! This will help keep the shows on a good pace. The schedules have gone to the printer so no corrections to the print can be made at this time. If you have questions, please rest assured that each judge will review the schedule with their clerks and if there are any problems, announcements of corrections will be made at the show.

We have two schedule coordinators who will monitor each ring to keep the shows moving according to the schedule. They will address any problems with the schedule during the show. The schedule coordinators are Loretta Baugh and Melanie Morgan. Thank you to Cheryl Coleman for writing the schedule!


For those of you that want to prepare in advance, you can find the schedules here.