CFA show schedule

Shopping Cat Says …

shopping-cat-7103The vendor floor plan is now available on the vendor floor plan page! As vendors pick their spaces, we will update the page. If you have a vendor to suggest, please contact our vendor coordinators, Teresa and Edwin Sweeney, .

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Countdown to Entries!

The start date and time for entries is September 28th at 4:00pm EDT (eastern time). The entry clerk will not accept any entries made prior to this date and time. All entries must be made online, we will post a link to the online entry form prior to the start of entries. The link will be posted here.

HouseHold Pet Recording is Automatic on eCats!

Did you know that if you record your HHP through eCats, you will get your number immediately? That’s right, there’s no wait for Central Office to process your form. It’s easy to create an account and record your cat, and you can start using that number right away to earn points and titles for your HHP. Let’s all encourage new people to record their HHPs through eCats!

This year, the HHPs will be judged in the Red Show only.

For your website!

CatShow_US_buttonNow you can show your support for the CFA International Show with this handy button icon. Just add it to your website or share it on your Facebook page with a link to this blog and you will be helping people find our show. The button is 114×114.

Thanks for your support!


P1260169As most of you know, the board changed the kitten count show rules at their recent teleconference meeting. Beginning September 15th, kittens must have either a registration number or a TRN listed or written in the show catalog to count, and kittens without numbers that earn points cannot recover those points by being registered immediately after the show. You may still enter kittens without registration numbers, they just will not count and cannot recover points. The Kitten Show Rule Changes page explains your options for entering unregistered kittens. We are making plans to assist exhibitors in obtaining TRNs during check-in for our show. And as always, you may contact the entry clerk to obtain a TRN prior to the show.


BecomeThe show is looking for sponsors.  Your club, breed council,  cattery, or business can help make the show a financial success by providing sponsorship for a ring, a breed, Agility, Education Ring, and more.  Check out our Sponsorship page for more information.

Photographers Confirmed!


Our show this year will be an excellent opportunity to get those centerfold-worthy photos done by three International-Class photographers! Joining us again are:

Larry Johnson,



Do you notice something missing from the blog? The photos and videos of last year’s winners that were in the center column and all of those other posts are gone! But don’t panic. We moved the information about the winners from last years show (photos, videos, etc) to the 2014 Results page. We removed all of last year’s center column posts so that nobody looks at an old post and gets confused about dates, times, deadlines, etc. All of the information you read on the blog applies to the 2015 show, except for the 2014 results page where you can relive last year’s fun.

Flyer Cat says —


The show flyers are now available! There are two versions – one for viewing, and one for printing to pass out to spectators at shows.

Don’t forget to make your hotel reservations soon!  The countdown clock is coming. Cooler weather, football season, and our show will be here soon.


Hotel information is now available on our Hotels page. We have included a map showing the location of all of the hotels relative to the show hall. These are all close hotels, some have shuttle service to the show hall. All offer complimentary breakfast. The closest hotel to the show hall is the Hampton Inn and there is shuttle service from the hotel to the show hall.

There are some changes from last year. The Hilton Garden Inn is not accepting cats this year, although we have the Hampton Inn which is just as close to the show hall. The Sonesta Es in Malvern has a $75 non-refundable pet deposit and no special CFA rate or reserved block, so they are not included in our list.

Book soon, we expect these hotels to fill up fast!

Weather Cat Says …


The Philadelphia area is in the middle of a scorching heat wave right now with temps that only a meezer could love! Weather Cat predicts it will end some time before November, and he’s usually right about such things. He also wants you to know that the blog is current, but not complete. We’re still waiting for hotel information and vendor information and will announce those as soon as we have them. You will know when we know.

The official show flyers will be released soon, but there is enough info on the blog for you to mark your calendar for two important dates: the start of entries which is 4:00pm EDT Monday September 28th, and the close of entries which is Monday, Nov. 2, at 12:01 p.m. EST. Nov. 2 is also the close of benching requests. Please note that the show closes on a Monday this year! Countdown Cat will start her clock soon.