Shop til you Drop! Vendor Floor Plan Ready!



The floor plan is available for vendors, and as more sign up we will update the floor plan and the list. Check back often to watch our great vendor lineup grow! Our show will be an excellent opportunity to stock up on feline supplies and trinkets.


And remember, we have three of the fancy’s finest photographers ready to immortalize your fabulous favorite feline.

Breaking News: Double Entry ALLOWED and No fee for Transfers Between Shows

The show committee has agreed to allow double entering for this year’s Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show! You may enter the same cat in both the red and purple shows, but you may show the cat in only one show and you must absentee the cat from one of the shows before the close of check-in.

You may also switch a cat from one show to the other without paying a substitution fee. This means if you enter a cat in the red show and later decide you prefer the purple show, you may switch without a fee. The deadline for switching is the same as the close of the show, November 1st at noon EDT.

If you have any questions, please contact the entry clerk, Monte Phillips.


Spots Spots and more Spots!

pinnobackground2016 is the year of the spot! Not only are there spots on our official pin featuring the Ocicat, but your cat will be vying for many spots in the finals at this year’s Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show! In fact, there are more opportunities for your champions to make finals in just one show at the CIS than at an eight ring show, and for premiers there are more opportunities for finals than at a ten ring show! This really is a great show for champions and premiers.

Each show will have seven rings: 4 Allbreed, 3 Specialty. Judges will award Top 20 Kittens in both Allbreed and Specialty rings; Top 15 in Premiership in both AB and Specialty rings; and Top 20 in Championship in AB rings and Top 15 in Championship in Specialty rings. Additionally, at a minimum, Best-4th Best Champion and Best-3rd Best Premier will be awarded in all rings.

How many spots are available for your cat? If you have a shorthair champion, there are a minimum 28 spots for shorthair champions in the finals at just one show. That is 28 opportunities for your cat to pick up champion points! Same for longhairs. We all covet those Allbreed spots, and there are 28 of those as well. That’s fourteen extra spots for LH & SH champions and seven extra spots for Allbreed champions, minimum. Judges are free to use more than four champions in their top 20 (AB) and top 15 (SP) finals in championship. In an eight ring show, there are only a minimum 24 champion spots for LH, 24 for SH and 24 AB. We have 28 minimum for each!!! We almost have as many spots as at a 10 ring show (which would be 30 for each set normally).

Premiers – 21 SH spots, 21 LH spots, and 21 AB spots. Compare that to what is available at a 10 ring show – 20, 20, & 20. Premiers are better off coming to just one of our shows than any 10 ring show!

Granding a cat is a great feeling, imagine coming to the most prestigious event in CFA and going home with a NEW GRAND!!!


First, a big shout out of thanks to Lorna Friemoth for her hard work getting the rosettes sponsored! She did a great job with this challenge. Check out our sponsor pages to see who chipped in, and thank you to everyone that did. Without these contributions, we probably could not have a financially successful show for CFA.

Next, the pins! Thank you to everyone who has either purchased or reserved pins so far. Jim Flanik will be getting a batch of pins at the board meeting this weekend and those of you who see him at shows in the GLR can purchase yours early. If you are not coming to Novi, you might be able to get a board member to pick your pin up for you this weekend at their meeting in Alliance. Mary K ( will take paypal for anyone getting pin by delivery from a board member so that the board member does not have to deal with payments, but *you* have to make the arrangements with your favorite board member for pick up. Pins are $10, and like the rosette sponsorships the money goes to the show’s bottom line. There are plenty of pins and they will be available at the International Show, along with free red and purple ribbons and a few other surprise colors. We would really like to sell all of the pins this year, so please help us meet this challenge!

mitch_6There is going to be a lot of walking at the Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show, as there is at every cat show. Since many cat fanciers have fitbit or similar devices, we are having a one-day fitbit challenge on the Saturday of the show, for the humans not the cats. Sadly, this will not be sanctioned by any reputable sporting organization so no chance for an Olympic medal or anything. But there will be a token prize for the winner, and of course bragging rights, and maybe even a consolation prize for last place (I thought a box of chocolates would be fitting for last place, but then people might try to be last). It will be easy, just use your device to count your steps for a day, whoever has the most steps wins. All you will need to participate is a fitbit and your smartphone with the fitbit app. We are still working out the details but have a sketch of a plan, and might even find a way for those of you at home to participate in solidarity. If you have been thinking about getting one of these devices, do it now so you can have fun with us! Details coming soon.

Clerking School at the Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show

jaded2The CFA Clerking Program is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a clerking school in conjunction with the Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Show. The school will be held on Friday, November 18th, in the Hyatt Place hotel adjacent to the Suburban Collection Showplace. The deadline for registration is November 7th. Details are on the Clerking School Page. For questions, contact Carol Krzanowski,, or Kristi Wollam,

Pro Photographers


Another great reason to come to the Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show – where else will you ever have the opportunity to get photos of your cats from three of the fancy’s best photographers? They are our very own cat-paparazzi, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

This year’s world class photographers are:

Larry Johnson,



Ahoy! The Deadline Be Approachin’ for Sponsors!

pirate_cat_by_ravenguardian13-d4ja4qx Ahoy Mateys! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But it’s also the day before the deadline for sponsors for the rosettes. Please see our sponsor page to find out how to get your club or your name on the rosette streamers. There is still one ring left, and a few breeds in both shows.


Checking entries and breed summaries

IPaidForThisOneEntries are coming in for the 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show! Our entry clerk is quite busy, so if you want to find out whether your entry is in the queue, please check the online database of entries. Your entry is not confirmed until Monte sends you a confirmation, but if your cat is in this database your entry has made it through the online form and is in the queue waiting for Monte to process.

You can check breed summaries as soon as they are posted on the breed summary page.

Entries Start Today!!!


Get ready to start your engines! Entries open today at 6:00 pm EDT, just over 6 hours from now. Monte is ready and waiting, let’s keep him busy. Entry fees and information are listed here. In case you need them, you can find the flyers here. Remember, you can only enter online. No fax, no mail. You can find the online entry form here.

A couple of announcements for today. The 2016 pins have arrived! In honor of the show being held in the birth-state of the breed, this year’s pin features an Ocicat designed by Teresa Keiger. The pins were produced by Jan Rogers. The picture does not do the pin justice, it is really cute. We will have red and purple ribbons for your pin and maybe a few other fun colors, ribbons are free with pin purchase. Pins are $10 each. We have 300 for sale so no need to reserve unless you want multiple. Please contact Mary Kolencik, to hold more than 3. The pins will be available at a few shows this fall, we will alert you when they are.

Nancy Mikita has graciously accepted the herculean task of organizing the raffle! We will have a post shortly about the raffle. Nancy’s email address is

Less than 3 days until entries open!

cat-159653_1280We’re just under 3 days until the start of entries for the 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show! Take some time now to bookmark the online entry form which you can get to here. The form has a countdown counter right now, and it will go active when entries start on Thursday.