CFA show schedule

Watch the Breed Summaries Grow!



Our entry clerk minion Monte is processing entries. You can watch the breed summaries grow! Check out our breed summaries page.

Flyer Cat Says …

There was a mistake on the flyers, the online entry link was incorrect. The flyers have been fixed and my minion has uploaded the correct flyers to my special page.338959__flying-cat_p


Several people have asked about scooters. The show committee is not involved with scooters this year. Last year, it took too much of our time. There are several scooter rental companies in the Philadelphia area, we suggest consulting the yellow pages or doing a Google search.

Almost time for entries!

In just a few short hours, entries will start for the 2015 CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show! Watch the online entry page for the entry form to appear.

Extra Cats

cat-159653_1280Are you planning to bring an extra cat for a special purpose that will require benching? Examples – Ambassador cats, Education ring cats, etc. Do you have a special benching need? Examples – clerks who must be by their ring, handicap benching in the special handicap area (we’ll send out a post soon about this). You must let the benching team know about these extra cats and special requests by Monday, Nov. 2, at 12:01p.m. EST. It is not enough to just tell the entry clerk! You must let the benching team know about extra cats and special benching requests. Please email Linda Peterson,, or Mary Kolencik,, with your requests for special benching or extra space.

Count down to entries

We have less than a week until the opening of entries for the CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show! It’s time to decide which show is for you, red or purple or both. CFA’s webmistress, Kathy Durdick, has a countdown clock on the online entry page. Bookmark it to watch for the entry form to appear next Monday. We’ll post a few more reminders to make sure you don’t miss the start.



Those of you with kittens, remember that this year all rings are all specialty for kittens, with top 20 finals in each specialty for all kitten rings! With 8 rings, that is 160 SH spots and 160 LH spots per show. Add it up and there will be a total of 640 kitten rosettes awarded at this event. Plenty for you to snag a few! So get those kitten entries ready.

Health Certificate Info




We are pleased that exhibitors from Regions 8, 9 and the International Division are coming to the CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show! Some of you may require health certificates to return to your home countries. Please see our updated Health Certificate Info page.

More about the judging change …

exclamationPointCatThere seems to be some minor confusion over the judging change.

The clubs in each region elected a judge and all clubs elected 7 at-large judges. Guy Patigny was the elected judge from region 9. Guy’s replacement, Michael Schleissner, was the next highest in the results for region 9.

This past weekend at the National Capital show, there was a coin toss to determine the first alternate for the 7 at-large judges in the event any of them must cancel. The first alternate for the 7 at-large judges is Peter Vanwonterghem and the second alternate is Diana Doernberg.


Judging Change


We are sorry to announce that Guy Pantigy has had to cancel in the purple show. Michael Schleissner is the alternate from Region 9 and will replace Guy in the lineup. The flyers for the purple show have been updated to reflect the change.

Welcome Michael to the CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show lineup!

Agility News



YES! We are having CFA Feline Agility at our show. YES, even your cat can run the course! Watch Xena, a blind cat, run the course in 29 seconds!

Agility only entries are just $30, and if your cat is in the championship show it is just $10 extra to compete in agility.

Agility at all CFA events is sponsored by Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter.