CFA show schedule

Weather Cat Says …


The Philadelphia area is in the middle of a scorching heat wave right now with temps that only a meezer could love! Weather Cat predicts it will end some time before November, and he’s usually right about such things. He also wants you to know that the blog is current, but not complete. We’re still waiting for hotel information and vendor information and will announce those as soon as we have them. You will know when we know.

The official show flyers will be released soon, but there is enough info on the blog for you to mark your calendar for two important dates: the start of entries which is 4:00pm EDT Monday September 28th, and the close of entries which is Monday, Nov. 2, at 12:01 p.m. EST. Nov. 2 is also the close of benching requests. Please note that the show closes on a Monday this year! Countdown Cat will start her clock soon.

Best of the Best Judges Announced

Congratulations to CFA Allbreed judges Hope Gonano, Sharon Roy, and Kayoko Koizumi on being chosen to judge the Best of the Best at the 2015 CFA International Cat Show!



The blog is being updated with information for the 2015 show. Stop back often to check for more news!

More Show Photos & Videos

Prior to the show, two CFA-ers Jim Land and Carolyn Jimenez went on the CBS Philly Talk show, here’s their video.

We made it into Vogue! Photo spread here.

Larry Johnson’s Candid Photos

Article in Pand-e-cats/ShowCatsOnline by Mark Hannon

Video of Best of the Best

BestCloseupThanks to Doug Bolton for sharing his video of the Best of the Best competition from our 2014 show!

Plans are already underway for next year’s show, so stay subscribed to the blog to receive the latest news and information about the CFA World Show events. Merry Christmas everyone!

More Winners from the Show

EuroBurmbooth2014The winners of the breed booth competition were:

1) European Burmese
2) Havana Brown
3) Maine Coon Cat
4) Singapura
5) Devon Rex

Congratulations to all involved in presenting the breed booths!

Update to Unofficial Results

There have been some minor updates to the unofficial results. New files are posted on the Results page. Included on that page for the first time are pdf copies of the show catalogs.


Red show kitten count went up 1 (Persian solid kitten)
Purple show kitten count went up 1 (Persian tabby kitten)

3 Corrections for Best of Breed (all kittens)
#69 is BoB Tabby Persian kitten (Red)
#573 is BoB Tabby Persian kitten (Purple)
#576 is BoB Bi-Color Persian kitten (Purple)

Best in Show Winners!

Congratulations to our Best in Show Winners!
Best In Show
Highest Scoring in Premiership (Red Show)
Owner: Beth Holly/Noralyn Heisig
Cream & White Persian-Cal/Bi-Color Neuter (US)

2nd Best in Show
Highest Scoring in Championship (Red Show)
Owner: Annette Wilson
Blue Russian Blue Female (US)

_DSC01643rd Best in Show
Highest Scoring in Championship (Purple Show)
Owner: Cuccu/Bertello/Giordano
Black Exotic Male (Italy)

Not Shown:
Highest Scoring Kitten (Red Show)
Coupari Dustin of Kitties Land, Cream Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair (China)

Highest Scoring Kitten (Purple Show)
Kitties Land Main Event, Blue Female British Shorthair (China)

Highest Scoring in Premiership (Purple Show)
GP Chome Chai Tomoshibi of Nudawnz, Black/White Neuter Japanese Bobtail Longhair (US)


Photos by Mark Hannon

Unofficial Results Posted

Congratulations to all of the cats, their breeders and owners! And thank you everyone for making this a great event for CFA.

The unofficial results are now posted on the menu bar above and here. If you have questions, please give Central Office a chance to officially score the show and then contact them for answers.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The Exhibitor Schedule

jaded2The Exhibitor Schedule is now available on the blog. Please note that this is for information only. All exhibitors will receive a color copy at the show so you do not need to print this yourself, although we understand some of you may want to print a larger version. Also note that absolutely no changes will be made at this time. If you have questions about the schedule, wait until the show to address them with Ambassador Cat & sometimes master clerk Jaded, or show management.


Weather Cat Says …

weathercatThe US is being pummeled with cold arctic air, and the Philadelphia area will see some cold temps this weekend. Friday is supposed to be sunny, high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Saturday will warm up to 40 degrees, and Sunday to 59 with rain forecast for the evening.

The show hall will probably be a bit on the cool side on Friday for setup, but we expect once the spectators start to arrive on Saturday the hall will warm up considerably. Dress appropriately.